Our Standard Menu
Provided daily in our primary schools alongside the main meal is a dessert which is portioned out to reduce sugar content, yoghurt, milk, water, fruit and bread. We follow the school food guidelines to ensure all children in our schools are having exactly what they should.

When designing menus, we assess every ingredient contained in our food for fat, sugar, salt and carbohydrates and if possible to ensure our ingredients fall within the green or amber section of the traffic light system on food labelling.

Our menu is on a 3-week rotating basis and will run for 2 terms, usually 12 weeks.

Bespoke Menu
Love food endeavours to provide every child with an allergy or intolerance with a safe and suitable menu. All allergies/intolerances are catered for and we work closely with our parents to adapt the menu to suit their child.

All our allergy/intolerant children are given a different coloured plate, cutlery and cup and it is named and only to be used by that child to avoid cross contamination of allergens.

We have a wide range of menus, some are bespoke to the child’s dietary or behavioural requirements and we work closely with the parents to ensure our food is safe for them to eat.

We rigorously assess all ingredients for allergens and try wherever possible to omit nuts or those ingredients that may contain traces of nuts.

Vegetarian Food
For vegetarian students, we offer a jacket potato option, salad option, soup and lunch bag option.

Lunch Box
Our lunch bag option was created after seeing the contents of some children’s lunch boxes. Inside they get a choice of ham, cheese, tuna or chicken sandwich (50/50 bread) or wrap, a yoghurt, a snack bag which can contain 2 of the following: carrot batons, cucumber batons, cheese, bread sticks, grapes (sliced), tomatoes (halved), raisins, banana chips and pepper batons. A piece of fruit and a cereal bar.