Love Food JM LTD is owned and run by Mandy Love and Jacqui Kilkerr.

With a wealth of experience in the catering industry, Mandy has always had a vision of setting up her own catering business providing quality food. After recognising the potential in the market, Mandy got together with Jacqui and with her social care and management background and formed Love Food JM LTD.

With a mutual vision as to how the current school food service could be developed and improved, we had a clear business strategy. We felt strongly that the lunch time break should be a relaxing and sociable setting and that the food on offer should be inviting and inspiring to children.

Our expansion from one primary school to eighteen primary schools and four nurseries has purely been the result of our reputation and positive endorsement. Word travelled that we had something different to offer and so our company grew. Slow growth was our initial business plan, allowing us to maintain the same standards in all our schools. With our current schools well established, we are now able to move forward again and expand.

With our growing success, it was time for us to hang up our pots and pans to focus on the running of our business. We like to reward the hard work of our staff and have promoted our kitchen employees into management roles, and they oversee our schools’ day to day needs. This allows for our employees to feel supported and motivated, so that they can provide the best service and performance.