Quality Matters

Love food was our opportunity to create nutritionally balanced, high quality and still offer good value food for money.

All meals are prepared from raw produce daily, with the focus on it being fresh, healthy and substantial. To help support the local economy, whenever possible our food is sourced locally.

Specific guidelines for menus with nutritional calculations and daily requirements are adhered to as per government guidelines.

Locally Sourced

From the start we’ve sourced our meat from Milstan butchers, and over the years have formed a good relationship and understanding. They’re a small independent butcher based in Northamptonshire.

Milstan butchers hold a 5-Star hygiene rating and all our meat is traceable and is supportive of British farmers and produce.

We work closely with Milstan butchers when developing new menus to see what new products we can test and assertain their affordability.

Freshly Made

We asked the children what they would like to see on their menu and the usual replies where hamburgers, sausages & nuggets. Taking this on board we worked with Milstan butchers on how to create healthier versions of these.

All are handmade, have a high meat content and are freshly made each week and delivered into our schools. We have designed handmade pizza, pasta dishes and our own love food breakfast (our most popular meal!)